FSX, FSX-Steam, P3D v.4.xx+

Fri, 26.10.2018



Hi, dear user of EZCA and new user.

EZdok team tell that now is the time to say that EZCAv3 is coming soon.

In this version, a completely new, intuitive interface, 2 new camera types, control of cameras built into the simulator such as SPOT,
LockedSPOT and etc.

Tue, 28.08.2018

Dear customer. Our technical support is  working. You can send your questions  about issues and bugs of EZCA via ticket system.

Mon, 30.07.2018

Dear EZCA user.
We want to inform you that from July 31 to August 28 our technical support through the ticket system will not be available. You can ask a question on our forum.

We hope that the EZCA user community will help you with the answer to your questions.
After August 16, technical support will work as usual.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wed, 27.06.2018

Dear EZCA user.
The development team reports that the adaptation of EZCA to the new version of the simulator was successful, but we need to perform a closed test before the release. We care about the quality of the work of the add-on and it will be important if we eliminate all problems in a narrow circle of beta testers.
This can take 1-2 days.
Please be patient.

Tue, 26.06.2018

Hi , dear user of EZCA.

We need some time to adapt the work of EZ to the new version of the Prepar3D  4.3 . We need to test all the functions and conduct a small beta test before release new build..
It will take approx 1-2 days before new release.
Please be patience.

Wed, 14.02.2018

Hi , all !

Here you can download the new version of EZ which is compatible with Prepar3D v4.2.

Update is free.

More details here:

Tue, 13.02.2018

Hi dear user EZCA. Today we made update which compatible with new P3D V4.2 

Now this update under internal beta-testing and will available approx 14 feb. for public. 

Sun, 21.01.2018

Dear user. After the January update of Windows 10, we found some problems with the initialization of resh.exe.
If you have problems with initializing Resh.exe at EZCA startup, visit the forum page where you can download version  which will help to fix this problem.
Write there if the problem resh.exe still occurs.

Link for forun:

Sat, 21.10.2017

We have released an update of EZCA 2.6 which fully supports P3D V4.1. In the new version we added several important functions. Read more on our forum ...

Thu, 12.10.2017

Dear user. We offer to download a fresh version of EZ which is now compatible with the new P3D V4.1
For those who bought EZ, the update is free.
Details about this version and  download link you can found on our beta forum.