FSX, FSX-Steam, P3D v.4.xx+

Fri, 19.01.2024

Just compatible with P3D v6.1.9 and latest ActiveSky


Thu, 28.09.2023

The patch was a little late. Sorry. 






Mon, 31.07.2023

Dear EZCA user. We are pleased to announce that a new version of EZCA4 has been released, specially adapted for P3Dv6 with support for ActiveSky P3Dv6. This time the update is not free. There was a significant change in the code to improve the interaction with the simulator and to increase the performance of the add-on.
Upgrade policy on

Fri, 21.07.2023

Dear EZCA user. We inform you that a new version of EZCA for P3Dv6 will be released soon. We need to finalize the code and test the main functions.
The new version will not be compatible with older versions of P3D. The upgrade policy is not yet clear. We will inform you about this as soon as possible.


Thu, 8.06.2023

Hello dear EZCA user

Small patch to be compatible with P3D v 5.4 and ActiveSky 8857
Just go to download page to get update:

If you have questions - ask our through our technical support.



Sat, 8.04.2023

Some time ago, we had "EZCA Simconnect bug". The reason - the code transition  to windows11.  We released EZsc_loader patch but this  patch did not work correctly.
We fixed the simconnect issue for windows 11 users. Those who bought the product after February 1 already have all the necessary fixes in the installer. But there are users who upgrade from win10 to win11 -  you need to download the latest version patch here:

EZCA simconnect patch for win 11...

Thu, 4.11.2021

This applies to users of older versions of EZCA (2.0-3.0)  who want to fly in Windows 11 but have problems with simconnect.
We have created a small utility to fix the simconnect problem.

Download EZsc_loader.

Unzip and run EZsc_loader.exe.