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EZCA 2.0 It is a long established fact

Many years have passed since Ezdok Camera first version release. We din not twiddle our thumbs for all these years (except when we flew in real airplanes). Though even when sitting in a passenger seat at the window we listened to the airplane behavior and analyzed it. The simulator open source provides us endless possibilities for our plans realization! Creating a second version of Ezdok Camera, we focused precisely on the presence effect in a real airplane


Thrust effect


Shakes of fuselage


Reaction by a different cowers

Reaction by Flaps, Slats and Gears

Enhance turbulence effect

Reaction on a overstress situations

Fly with HORIZON LOCK mode

Reserved feature

The main requirement for flight simulator - realistic. The accuracy and authenticity of devices plausible weather conditions and compliance with all flight rules allow fans of the virtual skies deal. Except for one thing: without the feeling of the thrill of flying will always be incomplete. But how to achieve it, sitting in a chair in front of a monitor?
You want to feel the vibration of the cockpit before stalling? Would you like to see the behavior of the aircraft on the different types of coverage? Curiously, both pilots to cope with a heavy airliner operated under conditions of severe turbulence? All this will become a reality with the new version of the popular program for air simulation. Ladies and gentlemen, start the engine, and meet Ezdok Camera v2!
Since the release of the first version Ezdok Camera many years had passed. All these years we have not been sitting idly by (except when the flyer in a real airplane). Even sitting in the passenger seat at the window, we listened to the behavior of the ship, it was analyzed. Open source simulator provides endless possibilities for the realization of our plans! Creating a second version Ezdok Camera, we have focused precisely on the amplification effects of a real airplane.
From now on, while in the virtual armchair commander or the co-pilot, you can not just manage the internal and external views, but also a new way to feel your aircraft. Activate the camera during the run of the turbine near the Boeing 737 - and you feel like shaking increases with increasing speed on the strip. Release spoilers to reduce speed in flight - and virtual cockpit starts to vibrate finely. All those effects that were previously only available when visiting professional simulators are now available in Ezdok Camera v2!
The interface of the new version of the program has become more convenient. Even beginners in the world of airline simulators will not be difficult to understand EZCA2 settings. Takes into account the experience of past years, work on the bugs and wishes of users of the first version Ezdok Camera.
If you like to shoot video or just "walk" through the virtual airfield, watching as the take off and landing aircraft - especially for the world it has the opportunity to use the camera! They can build anywhere - from the control tower to a convenient point on the beach near Princess Juliana International Airport. World-camera in the new version of the program received more opportunities, free from errors in their use; a paradise for lovers of the virtual spotting!
Those users who have already tried Ezdok Camera 2 during alpha and beta testing, in one voice say, that will now only use the new version of the program. Because, in spite of the many common parameters, Ezdok Camera 2 provides new opportunities, gives additional and stunning flight sensations and significantly expands the boundaries of the virtual sky!