FSX, FSX-Steam, P3D v.4.xx+

Thu, 10.06.2021

Hi dear user.

We need some time to fully adapt EZ to P3D 5.2.
The new version of EZ will be released after June 25th.

Please be patient.


Tue, 1.12.2020

Compatible with ActiveSky 7638. 





Fri, 27.11.2020


Compatible with ActiveSky 7633. 







Sun, 15.11.2020

This version support ActiveSky 7613.

No any other cahanges relative to the previous version.

You can download update here...






Sat, 31.10.2020

Hi dear customer.
After updating P3D 5.1 we found some problems with P3D 5.1 and previous  EZCA version. 

After updating P3D, EZ will try to access the simulator resources and the operating system will silently close both applications without any warning.

Just update EZCA to version

EZ latest version  is available on our  downloads page.







Sun, 26.04.2020

Dear EZCA3 users!

We are starting an open beta test of the new version of EZCA3.1.


Click here to read more info and  download...








Sat, 18.04.2020

We suggest taking part in beta testing the EZ version for P3D HotFix 3.
This beta test will last until the middle of next week. In fact, this is a full-working  version and you can use it for flights.
If you find problems and bugs then write this in thread for beta testers on simforums.

Link for download EZCA v3...

Link for download EZCA v2...


Wed, 15.04.2020

Hi , dear user.

We got the final (non-beta) version of P3D v5 and are ready to port EZCA v3 to new simulator. First, we need to analyze the changes, then we will work on the code. After that there will be a short beta testing then release. This may take one or two weeks. The work will be diffcult  and we want to make the update as bugless as possible. Please  be patient 1-2 weeks..


Sun, 29.09.2019

Hi , dear user,
We inform you that from now on all updates will be available via our download page and our news page. 
Flight1 forum will be available in order to discuss the new versions of EZCA. 
From October we terminate publishing the updates of our products vie the forum. The forum will be available only to discuss beta-version. 
Stable versions (non beta)  of our products will also be available via the automatic system during the EZCA  loading process. 

Download EZCA (P3D HF2)

Tue, 14.05.2019

Hi dear user. 

Thi is update of EZCA for latest P3D 4.5 "Hotfix" . 

Download EZCA


Also we have update of EZCA for P3D 4.5 "Hotfix"

Download EZCA


All updates is free and release as "beta"..

Enjoy and good flights.