FSX, FSX-Steam, P3D v.4.xx+

Wed, 17.04.2019

Hi , dear user EZCA. 

It's time to make a release of version 2.8 which is compatible with the version of P3D 4.5 and the latest version of ActiveSky is also supported.
Download version EZCA 2.8.1 (P3D 4.5)...

We also updated the beta version of EZCA V3 Build 66. which compatible with Latest version of Active Sky. 

 you can Download EZCA here...:

Wed, 10.04.2019

Ho dear user. You can donwload latest EZCA which compatible with P3D 4.5.

Link to download....

Also we start adapt old version 2.8 for P3D 4.5 It can take up to 1 week. 

Please be patience.



Sat, 9.02.2019

Dear User,

We are pleased to announce that EZCA Professional v3 has been released. You can read more details in our forum:



Mon, 31.12.2018

Dear users of ЕZdok Camera, we want from our development team to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This year was difficult for our team, we all year made the new version of EZCA v3 and all our experience was used to ensure that our new version of EZCA becomes not just a continuation of version 2, but a significantly expanded product. We went beyond the borders of the camera manager and developed a multi function program that will not only allow you to control the cameras of the simulator, but also allow you to dive deeper into the flight than our version of EZCA v2.

Fri, 30.11.2018

Hi dear user of EZCA. Please visit to our forum to get latest 2.8 version for P3D 4.4

This version also support all previous version of P3D 3.xx  4.xx  FSX , FSX-Steam Edition.

This is BETA version. Not release !!!




Thu, 29.11.2018

Hello dear EZCA user.
After the release of P3D v4.4, we need some time to adapt the EZCA v2 to the new version of the simulator. Actually EZ is now adapted and is undergoing an internal beta test. We do not want to hurry and must check the work of EZ. Please be patient.
Tomorrow the new version will be available on our Flight1 forum as BETA. In about 5 days, we will publish a new version of EZCA as Release.

Fri, 26.10.2018



Hi, dear user of EZCA and new user.

EZdok team tell that now is the time to say that EZCAv3 is coming soon.

In this version, a completely new, intuitive interface, 2 new camera types, control of cameras built into the simulator such as SPOT,
LockedSPOT and etc.

Tue, 28.08.2018

Dear customer. Our technical support is  working. You can send your questions  about issues and bugs of EZCA via ticket system.

Mon, 30.07.2018

Dear EZCA user.
We want to inform you that from July 31 to August 28 our technical support through the ticket system will not be available. You can ask a question on our forum.

We hope that the EZCA user community will help you with the answer to your questions.
After August 16, technical support will work as usual.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wed, 27.06.2018

Dear EZCA user.
The development team reports that the adaptation of EZCA to the new version of the simulator was successful, but we need to perform a closed test before the release. We care about the quality of the work of the add-on and it will be important if we eliminate all problems in a narrow circle of beta testers.
This can take 1-2 days.
Please be patient.