FSX, FSX-Steam, P3D v.4.xx+

Dear users of ЕZdok Camera, we want from our development team to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This year was difficult for our team, we all year made the new version of EZCA v3 and all our experience was used to ensure that our new version of EZCA becomes not just a continuation of version 2, but a significantly expanded product. We went beyond the borders of the camera manager and developed a multi function program that will not only allow you to control the cameras of the simulator, but also allow you to dive deeper into the flight than our version of EZCA v2. Starting the beta test in October 2018, we planned to complete the new version before the New Year, but the addition of new features and improved capabilities brought us back to the alpha test stage. But no matter what, we were able to do almost everything we wanted to release in version 3 and EZCA v3 is ready for release. We are now completing work on the creation of a manual and closer to the end of January 2019, the release should take place. Some functions that we wanted to include in the release, we have  postponed until the next release, but all the basic functionality will be available during the release and you will see that our EZCA v3 is a really big step forward and some solutions will be revolutionary in the world of simulators ESP platform. Once again, we congratulate you on the New Year and thank you for being with us!