FSX, FSX-Steam, P3D v.4.xx+


Simulation Reality

The most important requirement of flight simulators is reality. Instrument accuracy and authenticity, realistic weather conditions, and the ability to be in compliance with all flight regulations allow pilots in the virtual skies to have the maximum experience. The true sense of flying is somewhat incomplete in a fixed-based flight simulator because in you miss many of the “sensations” and subtle nuances which primarily exist in the physical flight environment. However using science and computer engineering, you can achieve what is missing while sitting in your chair in front of your monitor.

Do you want to experience cockpit vibrations before stalling? Do you want to see the aircraft react differently based on cloud coverage? Are you wanting to see if you can succeed in piloting a heavy airliner operating under severe turbulence conditions? All these will become a reality with the new version of one of the most popular programs for the flight simulator platform. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines, and meet the new EZdok Camera v2!

Modern PCs

Many years have passed since EZdok Camera v1’s first release. Over the years we have been studying aircraft physics while flying in real aircraft gathering data. We observed the aircraft behavior and have carefully analyzed it. With modern PC’s and flight simulators, the ability to generate these real-world physics are possible! In creating the second version of Ezdok Camera, we focused precisely on effects of flight, and how they are interpreted by human anatomy, and translated it to the simulator for you to experience.

Air Frame Physics

Whether you are Pilot in Command, First Officer, or a passenger in the cabin, you can manage the internal and external views, level and type of effects desired, and truly “feel” your aircraft in an amazing way. Activate your camera somewhere near the Boeing 737 turbine, and you will feel the appropriate fuselage shaking increase as the plane speed increases while running down the runway. Raise the spoilers to reduce speed in flight, and the virtual cockpit will start vibrating in a method that is true to life. These effects that were previously limited to professional simulators are now available in Ezdok Camera v2!

We have not just focused on the physics of flight. The user interface of the new version is much more convenient for the user. It will not be as difficult to understand EZCA2 settings, even for beginners who are just jumping into the aircraft simulator world. Through communication with customers over the years, we have listened, and have evolved the features and interface based on your input.


If you like creating videos or just "walking" through a virtual airfield watching aircraft takeoff and land, you will have an opportunity to use the new World Cameras! You can create them anywhere – in an air-traffic control tower, in a famous plane-watching spot such as on the beach at Princess Juliana International Airport,  or anywhere you want. In the new version, the World Cameras will provide more opportunities. It is the perfect technology for virtual plane spotters or for those creating cinematic simulation videos!